Create Scalable Microservices distributed solution.

Build your solution on Cypris Cloud Platform is the guaranty to have a dedicated technical stack thought for your needs.

Cypris Cloud


Create Scalable Microservices - Design

CCP implements an essential set of architertural patterns to reach the expectations of modern production solutions.
High-availability, resilience and evolutivity are qualities originated from the heart of the platform.
Microservices leverages on high-end asynchronous event-driven buiding blocks which let their implemention easy to write.

Create Scalable Microservices - The ecosystem concepts

The ecosystem concepts and services available on the shelves.
Getting familiar with the key concepts is an interesting stage and a way to grasp the ideas under the hood.

Tech Plant

The overall facilities to manage, deploy and connect your services and client apps across availability zones.

Tech plant of created Scalable Microservices with two operators
interconnected ccp Scalable Microservices


Small, message-driven, autonomous and decentralized, they are organized around generic business capabilities.

The generic trait makes them reusable in any type of business, the more they are, the easier it becomes to build a business by combining microservices.

Create Scalable Microservices - The microservices families

There are many microservices and we can arrange them amongst three families.

Core Services

The core services are the first services deployed on your tech plant. They are offering the minimal technical features to orchestrate the Tech Plant.

The Essentials

The essentials are common services. They benefit from generic and abstract designs to fit easily in any Tech Plant.

Business Dedicated

We build specific business services for our customers and let them compose with our growing set of essentials.

These services integrate naturally and help buidling consistent solutions.

Cypris Consulting Inc. can guide you in understanding the possibilites.