We Work with Agile Software Development to build your products gradually for you to follow their evolution and control your priorities.



Work with Agile - Efficient Methods

Unlike other approaches, Agile focuses on the people doing the work and how they work together.
Solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing teams using appropriate practices to their context.

Starting with the well known framework Scrum we support your teams in defining their Agile methodologies.

Work with Agile Software Development - Benefits

    A cohesive unit of professionals focused on one objective at a time, the Product Goal.

    Reducing development and maintenance costs.

    Gain more visibility of what can be done in a given time.

    Anticipation of return on investment.

    Productivity 2 to 3 times greater compared to traditional approaches.

    Total control, visibility, and manageability of the development cycle.

    Greater assertiveness and adherence.

    Less uncertainty.

    Better quality of the final product.

    Continuous improvement.

Work with Agile Software Development - Actual risks

Since the Scrum framework does not provide people with detailed instructions but guides their relationships and interactions, it may leads to a messy, out of control and unmotivated teams.

Various practices exist to forecast progress, such as burn-downs, burn-ups, or cumulative flows. While proven useful, these do not replace the importance of Empiricism. In complex environments, what will happen is unknown. Only what has already happened may be used for forward-looking decision making.

To avoid turning the benefits of agile methods into a counterproductive organization, we make sure that each project’s member and managers feel comfortable with their role so that the balance is perfect.

Our experts will be pleased to help you find the perfect match with Agile and Devops.